Setting a Price for Your Digital Books

You’ve decided to publish your eBooks on Amazon and Barnes & Noble via the Kindle and The Nook. You’ve ensured that your content is excellent, formatted correctly, and is updated and accurate. You have excellent and creative cover art, and you are going to upload everything today but you’re unsure about how to price your [...]

Attract New Readers by Adding Your Existing eBooks to the Kindle and Nook Stores

No matter how many you readers you have now, chances are, you probably want to reach more. A sure fire way is to publish your existing eBooks on Kindle and / or the Nook. It’s not hard to do. You will need to change the formatting of the eBooks and eReports you have published elsewhere [...]

Make the Move to Digital: Publish Your Writing on Kindle and the Nook

Advancing your business by becoming a published author has become simpler than ever now that you can self-publish eBooks on the Kindle and the Nook almost effortlessly. You can do so without a middle man, without a publisher, and essentially free — as neither Amazon or Barnes and Noble charge for publishing on their systems. [...]