Bombarded By Requests

by Suzanne Nielsen After posting an ad in the local paper for free goldfish Louis Markholm was inundated with inquiring phone calls to include: How old is the fish? What sex is the fish? Is the fish into cross dressing? Does the fish yearn for salt water experiences? Is that “fish” as in singular? Does [...]

Internet Inferno

by Diane Boisvert Life is tough enough, isn’t it? We battle each day to get by. We groan and grumble – Complain and mumble things under our breath. Just to put us to the test enters – THE COMPUTER WORM Horror of horrors! What is this thing?? It acts as though It’s a king or [...]

What I Want to be When I Grow Up

by Erin Croy “No one ever says, ‘I want to be a junkie when I grow up.’” Anti-Drug Public Service Announcement It was that commercial with the hobo. It was my fifth grade classroom. The D.A.R.E. officer explained, as I daydreamed out the window, you will lose control of yourself.

I am tired, but can not sleep

By Jordan Greve Static and white noise usually help. Not tonight, not tomorrow Body exhausted with no exercise; Mind awake with to much exercise. Spiritually at a fucking lose A win’s a win right? A bench, with a sky filled with stars Codeine. The big dipper. Tylenol. Physically, mentally, spiritually exhausted. three reasons to be [...]

Jazz and Poetry

By Nay Torious The Educator Jazz and poetry it’s something alike I never know what I’m going to write But I’m a jazz head from a kid you see Listening to jazz since at least sixty three Ella Fitzgerald was hitting those notes So much beautiful music came from her throat Lady Day crooning of [...]

In a conversation with myself

by Mitch Tirea In a conversation with myself, I overheard all the thoughts in my head. There were less than a few, and more than a lot, But I’ve met all the ones that will never be said. I met all the ones that are born with no face. They can’t say a word, nor [...]

Risky Business

By Diane Boisvert It is such risky business, this business of life. From the minute we’re born we’re surrounded by strife. Surrounded by strife and ambivalance, too. The danger starts after our birthday debut. The fact we arrive without being announced Takes very much nerve, and the risk is pronounced. “Here I come, world, if [...]

This Is Not Yours

By Nicole Kuwik How the fuck do you tell when a mango is ripe? and why do I have to do this alone? Unsure and fed up, I cut it open and decide that it tastes something like gumdrops. Is this how things were supposed to play out?! Later, I listen to songs about hot [...]


By Sonora Greer-Polkow He ran He ran in the night He ran in the back seat He ran in the river The river El Rio Grande He ran in the river drowning in concrete He ran in the bottom of a flatbed truck He ran while shots fired into darkness The night La noche He [...]

Gingerbread Lady

by Michael Lee Johnson Gingerbread lady, no sugar or cinnamon spice; years ago arthritis and senility took their toll. Crippled mind moves in then out, like an old sexual adventure blurred in an imagination of fingertip thoughts. Who in hell remembers the characters? There was George, her lover, near the bridge at the Chicago River: [...]