Free Depilatories!

by Miss Binky Nowadays, with millions of Americans hoarding all their cash for trivial things like food and rent, it is essential to ferret out creative ways to keep up on personal grooming. I don’t care how poor you are, nobody wants to see facial hair on women, ear hair that could be knit into [...]

Coffee Con Leche

By Janesays Roxanne drinks coffee every day, sometimes two or three cups. She cannot function without the morning cup. Coffee with milk, but no sugar. It is so hard to find a really good cup of coffee and she feels lucky that she has one, but she really likes and wants it sometimes with sugar. [...]

Caitlin, Tollgate Collector

By Tom Sheehan The sun, angling into her eyes, had come up “like thunder out of China ‘crost the bay,” and even as Caitlin Bordeaux made music of the poet’s words, she couldn’t remember his name. Nothing was right in the scene though the day had begun in promise. Nick had just gone through mere [...]


By Matthew Dexter The pretzels were soft and the beer was sticky. The pretzels were for me, and the beer was for dad. This was his seventh beer, but he had been drinking in the parking lot since early morning. It was safe to say he was toasted. The salt was the best part of [...]

Careless Mistake

By Lauren Kelly Another deep night surrendering to dawn’s burning glow, another job swiftly completed. A slight sardonic grin caresses my lips as I focus the tiny photo lens in my cell to the scene in the narrow alley lying before me. The softly rising sun giving the prostrate male a haloed angelic quality, if [...]

Wishing You Poverty and Chastity this Christmas

By Amber W. “Thank you for putting together such a great package, Class,” my teacher said. I had taken several cans of corn and green beans from our pantry to add to the adopt-a-family donation my high school class put together. Some family, right here in our own town, was going to have a brighter [...]

I Could Have Been Throwing a Red Rubber Ball for a Dog

By KJ Hays I was at your February wedding Susan; a ceremony where a couple of families spend money to convince a gathering of well wishers that their kids have never had sex together. I stood towards the end of a row of ribbon spangled chairs that made it look like we had all moved [...]


By Kelsey McCarson I never wanted to dig potatoes, but my dad began an annoyingly consistent pattern of sending me off to do unbearable chores for neighbors at an early age. I was only four or five years old. It’s so hard to keep track now. It doesn’t much matter. I hated those damn potatoes [...]

True Gravity

By Ken Lamb The car moved slowly through the cemetery, fallen twigs and acorns crunching under the tires. Duane Abraham squinted through the late afternoon sunlight. He passed the “Garden Of Eternal Rest”, and drove up a slight hill, where a small sign announced that he was entering the “Sacred Acre Of  Light.” “Jesus”, he [...]

“Millie & Marty”

By Martin Jarmick The fire on the candle burned and Millie gave a large sigh and checked her wristwatch. She tapped her foot on the hardwood floor and crossed her arms, looking restlessly toward the quiet table set for two. Marty was late again. Marty married Millie for her simple beauty and domestic promise, and [...]