by Kevin Lamb Scene: Hot girl’s house. Open bar. Neighborhood located at Hiller and Greer. It was just another night of heavy drinking. Drinking to the point where I even tried to sneak a fifth of vodka and four Mike’s Hard Lemonade for my walk, and arrival home. I say tried, because I was obviously [...]

Gingerbread Lady

by Michael Lee Johnson Gingerbread lady, no sugar or cinnamon spice; years ago arthritis and senility took their toll. Crippled mind moves in then out, like an old sexual adventure blurred in an imagination of fingertip thoughts. Who in hell remembers the characters? There was George, her lover, near the bridge at the Chicago River: [...]

Gender Grenade

by Matthew O’Brien I like to shop, always have. I have also secretly loathed the process a little bit as well. However, a new shirt, new shoes, new furnishing, if its superfluous and ultimately unnecessary, sign me up. Some equate a shopping experience to sex. I have heard people report the same kind of euphoric [...]

Elysian Fields

by Sharon L. Cece “Ready?” “Yup!” I grabbed my straw basket, the type that all tourists buy, and we ran down the stairs toward the tender. It was a beautiful breezy afternoon, the kind you’d like to order, and I held onto my hat as the tender took us toward Grand Cayman. We had never [...]

Author/Storyteller-Thanks, Sister Joan

By Rick Fowler As young man, I never considered myself a writer, a wordsmith, or a word worker. In fact, I felt more comfortable in the woods or on the water, in a gym or on a football field then I did putting a pen to paper. Indeed, allow me to chase partridge in the [...]


god and i are pretty tight these days. yesterday i woke up cranky, and while i was brushing my teeth, i asked god for a smile. would you believe that a few hours later i was singing along to music in my car. the man driving next to me was peering at me through his [...]

A 2008 Retrospective

by Annette LaSelle There is honestly not a single, solitary thing even mildly interesting, exciting or amusing (much less scandalous or breathtaking), to reveal about our annum 2008. But, fear not, I will jealously uphold the long-standing tenet that having nothing to say doesn’t mean you should say nothing. In fact this Christmas newsletter I [...]


by Annette LaSelle This weekend I was clunked on the head with another of life’s imponderables. When has a life been so simplified and sanitized that it no longer represents life? Is there a point that if you extract one more bit of bother from your life God will swoop down and demand his money [...]


By Nan Tatum Well, it’s here, the dreaded ‘flu. Three confirmed cases locally, which isn’t too bad. Hear tell there are three different strains but “they are all covered by the current vaccine.” Yeah, when oinkers fly. Haven’t had the ‘flu in this house and hoping it will pass us by. I wonder if, like [...]

Perfect World

In a perfect world, we would wear sweatpants all of the time. Sweatpants would be the new suits, and suits would be the new… nothing. We wouldn’t wear, them. Ever. In a perfect world, guys would always call the next day. Always. They would even call before the next day; like the day of. Don’t [...]